Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a week....

A most unusual week, filled with deep emotions. 

On Tuesday, we learned of the death of my wonderfully, funny, generous, loving Uncle.  He was sick for a while and fortunately I was able to have two awesome visits with him before his passing.  This man touched people globablly.  He was a leader in every community in which he lived; father of four wonderful sons, lots of grandkids and great-grandkids.  He leaves the most wonderful & special legacy. 

From this and him, I gained & learned:

- Don't put things off until tomorrow.  Yep as the saying goes, you never know what tomorrow will bring.  I was able to visit twice with my Uncle. Both times, these visits were filled with laughter and good times.  Either him checking out my outfit (seriously head to toe) & how I looked or the discussion on finding me a "fella."  Keep in mind, he was not able to talk so all this took place via facial expressions, body language and a little writing on a tablet. 

- Drop everything for the important stuff; the other stuff will be there when you get back.  I mostly do this around my work.  I have this project or that call; yep, they'll understand and wait when it's really @ the important stuff.  I'm fortunate to have a wonderful biz partner, team & clients.  I did drop the stuff this week and was able to be with my family to pay my final repects to my Uncle (he was buried in Israel) and to visit with my cousins as they began their mourning period. 

- Just visit!  No TV, no computer, no radio - just sit and talk.  I can't remember the last time I did just that until this week.  We spent a couple hours talking & sharing stories/memories, laughing and crying (mostly me, I'm a cry baby).  A warm, close, special time I'll not soon forget. 

What a week!  Sad but inspiring at the same time.  A man so great; who touched so many; who did so many wonderful things for his family & strangers (although he knew no stranger) lives on in our hearts and memories.  Thanks Uncle Benny and may you rest in peace! 

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