Sunday, December 27, 2009

The good, the bad & the ugly

This is the time of year when the "Top 10" of everything comes out.  The best, worst, newest, oldest and the list goes on and on.  I was just reading what some say are the the Top 10 Health & Fitness trends of the decade.  I found this very interesting because remember, prior to January of this year (2009), I never heard of most of these.   So for you novices like me, you may find this interesting too.  For those of you who've been making good choices in your diet and exercising/working out for ages, do you agree with this list?  What's missing?

1.  Low Carb Diets - carbs make a comeback!  The South Beach Diet.  Carbs (whole grains, fruits or veggies) are good and the refined sugars are bad. 

2.  "Exergaming" - Wii Fit  - are we getting off the couch in our own homes?!

3.  Tech for Health & Exercise - Heart rate monitors are old news (but great, wouldn't workout w/o one) and GPS, pedometers and lots of fancy apps are in. 

4.  Dance off the pounds - Dancing with the Stars anyone?  Pole dancing? 

5.  Beginner marathoners - 2x as many finished in 2007 as in 2000.  I'll be happy finishing a 5K!

6.  Exercise Gadgets - kettlebells, BOSU ball.  The ugly list is too ugly.  Watch TV at 2am one night and you'll see them all.

7.  Anti-Shoe - FitFlops, BMT (the shoe that rocks) and today I saw a guy running w/what looked like rubber gloves for your feet?!  What's next?

8.  Extreme weight loss - The Biggest Loser.

9.  Core & Functional training - hmmm, I thought this was always in but I understand focus on the core was again discovered in this decade.  This is my personal favorite - this collection of muscles supports our spine and keeps us stable and balanced (remember me & the fear of falling).  Crunches are out and planks are in! 

10.  Healthy Lifestyle - weight loss, counting calories, portion sizes, fiber, Omega 3's, antioxidants, protein, carbs, water, good & bad fat, reading food labels, exercising; strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, stability.....good health!!!!

Cheers to a New Year of good health for us all!

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