Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's not about the bike, I mean scale........

.....or is it? This question is different for each of us. I suggest that for some, it's about weighing daily and watching the scale like a hawk swooping down on its prey (that would be me!). For others, its an occasional (maybe monthly) weigh in w/rejoicing or adjusting and for others, it's all about how their clothes fit and looking in the mirror. Whatever works for you....go with it and go with it on a consistent basis. Commit to it.

To say it's not @ the scale nor monitor how your clothes fit says you aren't ready yet for the weight loss journey. So how can I get ready? Million dollar question and again different for each of us. Here's what worked for me but remember, find what works for YOU.

I'm an organized, list maker, planner, competitive person. In my company, I work with my team on managing large recruitment projects with lots of moving parts and we work with tight deadlines. We process map everything and daily assess our performance against our goals. I'm comfortable in this zone. day it occurred to me, can I look at my weight loss journey like I manage a large scale recruitment project? And this was my beginning. I journal daily all that I eat (good/bad or ugly because remember those who journal loose 2 times more weight) and I spreadsheet all my workouts. I've turned it into a competitive game for me. I look forward to "beating" the prior day's performance.

This may not be your style and the important thing is to identify your style and work with it.....feature it and don't fight against it. You may have to compromise and isn't it worth it?!

So is it about the scale or the mirror?!

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