Sunday, December 27, 2009

I WILL.............

Stash away your holiday "wish list" and break out a pen to create your New Year "I WILL" list. I will help get you started.  I've created the blank 'I WILL' for you; print it out.    What do YOU want to commit to in 2010?  

Remember, an "I WILL" should be:
1. Specific  2. Measureable  3. Time bound

This isn't so easy.  I've been thinking @ this for days........Here are some of my personal (not too personal I hope) I WILL's. 
  • ALL year, keep off my 2009 weight loss of 50 lbs 
  • Run (not walk) a 5K by spring
  • Continue my weekly workouts with Dan @ Body Solutions; build my strength, balance and flexibility (I don't want to fall when I get older!)
  • No more plastic in the microwave - glass only (I got great glass bowls w/plastic tops from my buddies @ work & my niece - I'm set)
  • Reduce using/buying plastic water bottles - get my own bottle
  • Become a Certified Nutrition Counselor at the conclusion (July 2010) of the IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) program I'm starting in February
  • Inspire and motivate others on their journey for good health; weight loss, nutrition, fitness or whatever it may be
It's soon to be a New Year.  Make it a great one for you and all those around you.  Remember, this stuff is contagious.  I promise!!!!! 

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