Saturday, December 19, 2009

The value of a Veteran

I could go on for hours @ the value of a Veteran in the workplace. For years my company, HRworks, has been a leader in military recruitment, outpacing competing firms. Our Veterans are disciplined, strong executors and above all demonstrated leaders that top the charts. Think @ it, many had responsibility for budgets in the millions and troups in the thousands.

For many years, I've had the opportunity to work with one retired Marine, Linda. Boy have I learned from her. We are coworkers, friends and each others champion/cheerleader/motivator/encourager/sounding board in the weight loss journey. We both now work out @ Body Solutions Atlanta so we feel each other's joy and pain.

Linda taught me some key things during my journey, from the very beginning to just the other day. She continues to share her pearls of wisdom and for that I'm grateful.

- "It's weakness leaving your body" - when you are so sore the day after a hard workout.
- "Put your head down, swing your arms" - when you are walking the hill and you think you are going to fall out.
- The "cadence" - put it on your iPod and breath w/it. "It will take your mind off running and you'll focus on your breathing."

Each of these help me get over hurdles. This was all new to me and second nature to Linda. So try any one of these, I guarantee, they'll help you jump a hurdle. When you are out there, just visualize Linda sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear and go for it!

Side note: I have found one awesome cadence - 1,2,3,4 Marine Corps by Motova8. You can accomplish anything w/this one!

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  1. Sara,

    I am so proud of you. You are stronger now than you ever imagined. You are also a great coach and you have inspired me to be fit and healthy. I love sharing motivational tips that are proven to work when I know you need a little push. We all have that mental toughness that enables us to push ourselves further than we think we can go. Have you ever wondered how marathon runners run 25 miles and sprint the last mile? Each time they train they push themselves further than they did the day before. You have to push past the mental thoughts that tell yourself, you are exhausted; actually it is a matter of if you don’t mind it will not matter to your body to push a little harder. It is at this point the pain you feel is just weakness leaving the body and you are getting stronger.

    Here is a perfect example; I was working out last week with my trainer from Body Solutions of Atlanta. I was on my second set of planks (which we all hate) and I did not think I could do another set. He told me to find a comfortable place in my mind and I would be able to do the next set. I did just that. I thought of something calming to take my mind off the pain and I was able to get though the third set of planks (mind over matter). My trainer has also noticed that I am getting stronger.


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