Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall......

This year I lost and have maintained my 50 lb weight loss goal. On Saturday as I was getting my hair cut & colored (oh yea), Karen @ Soge, who has been cutting my hair for years, asked me for before & after photos. I had never done this. I came home searched for photos, worked for hours to put them side by side (I'm not such a computer wiz, I'm just determined) and couldn't believe my eyes. It was then I saw what others see. Mirror, mirror on the wall....

My "before" was on my 50th birthday. I was in NYC with my mom, sister and niece for a wonderful weekend celebration. My "after" is one year later, age 51, and per Dan (you know him Body Solutions Atlanta, my fitness coach, I've mention him 1 million times) the assumed cardiovascular health a 40 year old.

So here it is.......I'm going public with the before and after photo. It's on my refrig and now on the internet. If this isn't encouragement enough to keep it off, I don't know what else is..........!!!!

Yep, I just saw the look of shock on your face AND you can stop laughing now.


  1. Wow Sara,
    You are awesome! This is not a before and after. This is a testimonial for true commitment. Either size, your personality shines through. But I do love the new you :) - Tauheedah

  2. can you believe the difference in those two pics? No one would guess you were anywhere near 50 in your new digs. Now the outside matches the inside. you are good people Sara!!!!

  3. Wow you were not that fat!


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