Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shine on......

What a crazy time of year.....presents to buy - 7th night of Chanukah, entering last shopping weekend before Christmas - holiday/office/school parties, end of the month, year end, 2010 planning and the list goes on and on. Are you being pulled in a million directions?! I hear you - oh yea!

Often times, taking care of ourselves is very last on our list. If we aren't in top shape then are we robbing our friends, family and coworkers of our glorious selves?! My friends @ Body Solutions Atlanta (my home away from home) have taught me - healthy eating, exericse and rest are the way to go. So please, watch what we are eating (make good choices); get moving even if it's parking in the furthest spot from the grocery store or mall, get some sleep (does a body good) and don't forget our emotional needs - reach out to someone (no text or email) or do something unexpected. These make us feel good and when we feel good; we look and act good. Sounds so simple?! If it were simple, we'd be one happy world. So baby steps; do one thing new today/tomorrow - make a good food choice, go for a walk, get a good nights sleep and make a difference in someone's life. Everyone around you will love you for it and importantly; you'll feel great!

"Shine on the inside so your outside can sparkle" (Lt. Col Consuelo Castillo Kickbush) and make this a great holiday season.

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