Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bloggers block and....

....random thoughts.  It's been @ 3 days since my last post and I think I'm suffering from bloggers block OR maybe there is just too much stuff jumbling around in my head.

Man o man so much going on right now.  My business is picking up (YAHOO), headed to NYC for another class weekend; lunch with a friend from 1st grade (that's a looooong time ago).  My bro & his wife are going to be in NYC too so hookin up w/them.  Client meeting, class and leaving a little time for whatever comes my way.  Maybe a museum this time around cause it's going to be a boiler there too. 

Some random & totally mindless stuff:
  • Book reading - finished Girl in Translation - liked it!  Now reading Backseat Saints - weird but making it thru.  Anyone read anything great?
  • More magazine - for the over 40 readers, haha.  Some good articles this month on multi vitamins, eating to avoid breast "c" - good read. 
  • LOST 1 lb....4 more to go.  Tried on my skinny pants.  Can't zip them and goal is to zip up on July 4!!!!  Back to journaling.  
  • Lucy - shop there?  The power shorts are on sale.  Love these!   
  • Topsy turvy - haven't started it yet.  Will try over July 4th weekend.  Any tips?  I love tomatoes.
  • Converter - got to get converter for trip to Israel.  Counted up all the "plug in's" I use, ugh!  Laptop, cell, iPod, blow dryer, flat iron.....Do they make a converter power cord :-)!!!
  • USB on laptop going - driving me nuts.  The one I use for my mouse.  Anything I can do @ this other than replace laptop!  LOL. 
OK, solved. Less bloggers block and more......so, so much going on.  Making it another great day!!! 

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