Thursday, June 3, 2010

HFCS makes the news........Consumption is coming down folks!

Check out this article on High Fructose Corn Syrup but more importantly........stay away from the stuff.  Limit refined & processed foods and stay on the perimeter of the supermarket.  Now we're talking.........

This is one controverisal product - many on both sides.  Is it a contributor to the increase in obesity, illnesses in the US?  This is a highly processed, engineered product.  How can that alone be good for you?

Whether it's consumer pressure or they know how bad it is for us, you have to take heed when a number of companies (who are out for profits and positive PR) have stopped using corn syrup in some or all products; Hunt's ketchup, Snapple, Gatorade and Starbucks' baked goods.  Another great reason to keep buying Starbucks. 

So research it yourself.  Beware:  The Corn Refiners Association has launched an aggressive and highly visable "advertising blitz" to promote the stuff.  You may have seen the TV commercials.  On the opposite side, read just about any article on nutrition, healthy eating/lifestyles and you'll hear plenty of con's. 

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