Friday, June 11, 2010

That look?

Yesterday I was travelling to NYC again and over and over strangers stopped me with questions.  In the Atlanta airport, I was stopped twice and asked for directions/explanations of the concourses.  OK, that happens sometimes. Then I'm walking on the streets of NYC and again twice I was stopped and asked for directions.  One time, I really thought I was on candid camera.  I was uptown and a woman who spoke very little english stopped me to ask "where is the Bowery?"  We were so far from the Bowery, I pointed south and said "a long way away" (in NYC terms long way).  She just looked at me and then asked "how I get there?"  Hmmm, how do you explain in english to someone who doesn't speak english to take a bus (no clue which one), a subway (no clue which one) or a taxi (ahhh, the easiest but most expensive answer).  Well I tried my best and used the international method of communication - hand gestures.  I hope she made it.

So what's in a look, my look or is it simply that everyone is stopped by strangers?  I hope they all made it safely to their destinations.  I did and am having a blast!!!!  Bad eating day yesterday; travel does that to me sometimes but today's another chance to MAKE GOOD CHOICES. 

BTW, the ultimate stop occurred to me several years ago at the Atlanta airport.  I was checking in for a flight to Tel Aviv (layover in NY).  A guy came up to me and asked if I'd get his mom (who spoke NO english) to Tel Aviv OK and call him when she got there.  We both made it fine. 

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  1. Aw, that means that people can tell from looking at you that you are kind-hearted and helpful and therefore, approachable! :) I have a dreadful arched eyebrow (well, both are really, but one looks exceptionally judgemental) and have been given grief my whole life because I look "mean". How silly! I'm a very nice person...danged eyebrow!


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