Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Topsy Turvy

The back story - I reveal to you........I don't cook!  I have not cooked throughout my 50 lb weight loss journey.  I WARM UP!  I buy pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, turkey, grilled veggies, etc. mostly at Whole Foods and I warm up.  Honestly I don't own pots & pans.  Haven't for years.  

In going thru my nutrition classes, there's so much discussion around connecting with food in a positive way.  Grow your own, cook your own, sit down to eat w/o distraction and really enjoy the meal.....I love this on a conceptual basis but haven't yet put this into practice.  Sound familiar to anyone?!  Well, I'm not really doing any of these and sometimes in class I feel like a fraud and then I wake up and remember, hey.....one step at a time.  I'm eating so, so much better now than one year ago and there's lots ahead of me - growing my own, cooking, juicing (that sounds great if I didn't have to clean the juicer) and more. 

I'm writing @ this because I'm going to take my first step!  One of my birthday gifts is the Topsy Turvy!  How funny and cool is that.  I'm finally home this weekend and its a good time to start it off.  I'm a "read the directions" kind of person" so.......I hope its simple :-).    If you have experience with this and/or can offer any suggestions, drop me a note. 

I'm hoping my plant looks like this................

Thank you Nikki & Chase for inspiring me to next steps!

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