Saturday, June 5, 2010

A cup of java.......... start my day.  I love the Starbuck's Region blend.  Verona is a fav too!

Today's the Wounded Warrior Run.  We are meeting shortly and heading to the run together.  This is all so new to me.  My 2nd "run."  The 1st time w/friends.  I read all the time how much people love running w/friends although every now and then you read @ the person who's really a single, lone runner.  I'm not sure which I'll is the beginning of something new. 

It's going to be a great day.  Finally a weekend at home.  I love to go away but there's no place like home and my own bed & am coffee.  (yeah, gotta have the morning Joe).  I'm pretty much booked with errands although I hope to get to Amy's son's book signing - This is not profanity.  He has Tourette's and wrote a book.  He also just graduated from Emerson so she must be beaming today!!! 

I took a quick glance at the newspaper.  The oil spill is unreal, out of control.  The wildlife - poor birds and now washing on the beaches of the Panhandle.  Tourism?  Lives & Jobs affected?  ugh! 

I'm not a sports fan but know enough that Wooden's death is a big one.  So sorry to hear that.  May he rest in peace. 

The flotilla's going to Gaza.  Israel, do what you have to do to protect yourself.  I'll be there soon!

And locally, as of 7/1/10, no more texting while driving in GA.  Long overdue law for sure.  I'll start practicing today! 

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  1. You look great, boss! Super inspiring!

    One question- other than, are you using anything else to track/aid your progress technologically speaking?


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