Saturday, January 9, 2010

Climb every mountain.......

Let's start with running a 5K!!!  A girl's gotta have goals. 

The new year is here (how long can you say Happy New Year?!) and with it I started with no real fitness goals.  For a goal oriented person that's like walking around blindfolded.  I'm happy to say I'm getting closer, not there yet cause shortly I'll be meeting with Dan to map this out.  He challenged me to pick a direction - do I want to be an "ice skater" "hula hooper" or what?  He's a riot.  Decisions, decisions....

Thursday night during my training at Body Solutions, in the middle of doing my deadlifts and jump squats, Dan says out of nowhere - "you should join the Atlanta Track Club."  Huh?  What?  Now where did that come from.  He said it's the next step in developing running and good comraderie.  Dan knows me well enough that an idea planted often grows and quickly.  So Friday morning, I'm on the ATC website, looked into Women on the Move and talked to the person who will be leading it.  I'm sure you know what I did next - yep,  I signed up!  11 weeks of training leading to a 5K, I became a Fan on FB and then........I ran 1.5 on the treadmill.  Second time in my life.  NOW I'm feeling better. 

Whether I run a 5K, 10K or marathon, it doesn't matter to me.  THIS girl's gotta have goals.  It's the same as when I began this journey, I had 2 goals -loose weight and prevent falling.  I had NO idea where that would lead. 

So all the time I'm asked, how did you do it - loose 50 lbs, go from a 14 pant size to an 8?  I just STARTED and built from there.  I'll save these details for another day.  Stay warm and have a spectacular day.  

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