Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weigh in day......

After 3 weeks of weight gain, I finally lost 1.5 lbs!  I think the only thing that helped me this week was that I ramped up the intensity of my workouts.  I know I ate more chocolate this week than I think I've eaten in the last year!!!! 

These past two weeks have been brutal because yep due to our economy and tough business, I had to layoff several of my nearest and dearest coworkers.  We've been together for as many as nine years.  They are my family.  This was and is AWFUL.  We'll find a way for this to end well but in the meantime, it stinks and I leaned on chocolate alot.  PS - I am happy to report that one coworker already got a new job (yeah!), another has a promising interview coming up and another secured a temp role for a few weeks.  I am so, so happy for this. 

I don't know how I would have handled this if I hadn't been working out these days.  Well I have an idea...the old me would have had many glasses of wine, been very edgy, hair on fire, tough to be around and in general not the person I'd want to be.  I'm thankful (and think those around me are too) that I'm able to release some negative energy and pressure through working out and eating well.  If my change in lifestyle ever came in handy, it's been the last two weeks. 

Before I sign off, I have to brag on my team of Girls on the Run.  We ran two miles on Friday (partly in the sleet and rain) - our first time ever!!!!!  Way to go girls - you know who you are.  Proud?! Oh yeah!!!!!


  1. Very tough times right now! I know that first hand! Glad you made it thru & yes, exercise does wonders. It got me thru some very tough times including the death of both my parents. At a time when most people would eat & give it up, I used it as a way to make it thru...

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss. It's hard when stressful situations happen in our lives. Recognizing what is your crutch will help you overcome it. It's nice to hear that jobs are just around the corner for your previous employees. God does have a way of just having things fall into place.


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