Friday, January 22, 2010

Girls on the run.....on the town?!

Well maybe not  "on the town" but over to Body Solutions for their launch party.  What a blast!  Check out the "girls" with our Body Solutions' fitness coaches.  Can you tell who's who??!!!

Last night we had the best lo-cal mashed potatoes I've ever had from the Everyday Chef.  He gave out recipes which I promptly declined (if you want the recipe, email him I'm sure he'll share it).  I don't cook, only warm up.  One of our "girls" won the Everyday Chef personal chef raffle - lucky her. I wish I'd won that one!  Our great friends from Lululemon Buckhead were there.  If you've never been to this store, go there....and ask for Mike.  He's the best!  Kenari - every tried it?  New to me. This is an awesome beverage and produced in our very own Roswell, GA.  Check out this drink (Whole Foods) and look at their website.  Interesting farming community concept. 

Fun night with lots of energy, met new folks, good to be w/friends, enjoyed learning @ new stuff and as always had some great laughs!!!!  Great, great night!

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