Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Girls on the run

During my weight loss journey, I was fortunate to have a strong supporter in one of my coworkers.  If you read my blogs, I'm talking @ the Marine; I've mentioned her before.  She soon after joined me and began her own journey of weight loss and better health.  NOW, we've recruited another coworker who just returned from having a beautiful baby boy.  (Yep, I've blogged @ her too).  We are there for each other; pushing, prodding, checking food journals, comparing workouts, sharing aches and pains and in short, we are each other's conscience.  When we really want to skip the workout, we just look at each other and know THAT'S NOT AN OPTION. 

Our Marine took us on our lunchtime (60 and sunny in Atlanta today - beautiful) walk/run today.  This walk/run always includes our Marine's favorite........the HILL.  We took it today!  It was great to do and great to be done with it for the day.  Don't you just love getting it behind you. 

So how do we look for 2 miles and a hill?!! 

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  1. I am so proud of my TeamMates. We push each other along the route and celebrate each time we conquer the hill. The hill is no longer intimidating. Way to GO ladies!!! I can't want until tomorrow to do it all over again. 5K here we come!


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