Monday, January 18, 2010

Random but good........

Yesterday's added post (THE STRETCH) was a random entry but it's really @ doing something for yourself!  I got lots of feedback that the stretch is very important.  While physically I agree (who am I to disagree?!), mentally it's over the top especially when you have someone stretch you out.  You work hard during your workout and then you get to lie down, relax and have someone stretch you?!  What a gift!! 

If you don't have someone to stretch you, take the time to do it yourself.  I usually rush through my stretch if I'm doing my own, ready to get going, and it really is a great time to decompress and ready myself for what's ahead.  Take time for ourselves even if its just a few minutes.  And have a great MLK day.  What a man and a DREAM. 

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