Friday, January 29, 2010


It's been five days since my last post and while I would have liked to stop time or jumped off the world for a few days, I'm still here.  The week has been a blur and I think my daily food choices have in some part been a blur too.  Tomorrow when I have some time, I'll look back over my food journal and see just how I did this week.  I hope I wrote everything down! 

One thing I struggled with alot this week was CHOCOLATE.  I could not get enough of it; I craved it constantly.  Anyone have any suggestions for me on this?  I need help.  The dear Tauheedah suggested a sensible swap - vegan choco chips.  I love them and they worked for me on a few days but were often followed by organic choco dipped bananas/apricots (these are awesome-Next Organics) or WW ice cream chasers!!!!  I don't think the scale will change much @ tomorrow's weigh in.  

Oh well, *&%$#@ happens, right?!  It does and now I need to learn from this as opposed to letting one week stretch into two.  Thank goodness, I've been exercising a bunch.  I think that has been as much for my mental health as it's been for physical or weight maintenance. 

Girls on the run (my co-workers and I) have moved up to 4 miles now.  We tried a trail yesterday, Rottenwood Creek in Cobb County (Atlanta, GA).  It's a beautiful two mile (each way) trail with 1/2 of nothing but hills.  My running coach reminds us constantly, "hills are a girl's best friend."  If you want leg and butt work, take to the hills girls.  Fortunately Rottenwood has @ a mile of fairly flat also.  You can walk, run, bike; great sounds and will be spectacular when things start blooming (hell on allergies for sure).  The girls want to go 6 miles today.............Actually 6 miles may have been thrown out by me.  I'm always up for a new challenge.  What's your new challenge? 

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