Sunday, January 3, 2010


Over the past few days, this word keeps coming up.  It's stuck in my mind.  What is Momentum?

Velocity.  Acceleration.  A force.  In motion.  Direction. 

The Atlanta Hawk's ticket advertising suggests - "This is what Momentum looks like." Weight Watcher's Momentum program states - "loose weight in the real world."  Training w/Dan on Saturday, he says "use your Momentum and you can do it".

Momentum is everywhere.  So how can I get it and keep it?  Million dollar question?!    

In 2007, Jon Gordon published the following 3 Ways to Gain Momentum in Life and Work
1. Find a Coach or Accountability Partner
2. Get the Right People on The Bus and the Wrong People Off It
3. Choose the Right Fuel

It's time to apply this to my good health.  After all, is there anything more important?!

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