Thursday, April 15, 2010

Carbs - Friend or Foe?

Last night I went to listen to a speaker, a registered dietician and I'm not sure what else because she didn't give us anything with her name on it, her bio, etc.  Hmmm.  Nevertheless, she spoke to a small group of women on Carbohydrates.  She called it "Just the Facts" but it was laced with lots of her professional opinion which was great. 

She talked about simple and complex carbs; portion size, etc.  Her position on Carbs was - there are NO bad Carbs only good or better.  EVERYONE should eat carbs - 45 carbs at every meal (3x day) and 15 carbs at every snack (3x day). 

The EVERYONE bothers me so I asked, do you believe EVERYONE should follow this recommendation or is it individual to the person, know your own body?  Her reply was basically this recommencation/guideline is for EVERYONE

I have some concerns with this....I think she saw it on my face (not too good @ hiding my thoughts and that's OK).  I'm not sure if it's who I am or my years in professional leadership roles, Human Resources, or my training from IIN but I'm not sure there is much in this world that is the same for EVERYONE.  This goes for food intake too. 

There are so many "recommendations/guidelines" out there that a person could go nutso!  Eat carbs, don't eat carbs, high protein, veggie, vegan, non-dairy, omega 3, antioxidants, fish oil - how does a person know what to do? Try things and LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY!  How does your body respond?  Feel good, energy, low energy, gassy, constipated, sleepy????

For me Carbs are my Friend as long as I eat them before 4ish.  I don't eat Carbs at dinner time or after except in fresh fruits.  They are Foe late in the day and certainly don't work well when I'm trying to lose weight. 

So.... are Carbs Friend or Foe

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