Sunday, April 4, 2010

The weekend keeps "gettin betta".........

Yesterday was the awesome day I dreamed & planned it to be.  The weather was spectacular; my run in the park was filled with looking @ all breeds of dogs and lots of cute little babies in strollers and picnicing families; everyone was out.  I came home to my egg salad and matzah lunch which I love and then out the door.....Everywhere I went people were in good moods.  Probably part me and part the weather.  It was such a nice change from the doldroms of the rain and economy woes of late. 

I met someone new who has agreed to be a "lab rat" for another health history - have 3 more to do for GRADUATION requirements.  Any volunteers?  I also unexpectedly ran into some friends and had some wonderful laughs!  The day kept going until I fell into bed......feeling great & exhausted.  :-)

OK so that was yesterday and today is off to a great start.  The weigh this a.m. showed I'm back to my lowest.  I'M SO EXCITED.  I've worked hard the past couple weeks to get off the "creep" that put me ahead of my goal weight.  I got serious and took off the creep and then some.  For me, there is no substitute for journaling!  I know it but it still is amazing the results when I write down what I eat & exercise every day. 

I ate really good this past week. I don't take photos of my food and never a recipe (since I don't cook) and my meals are fairly routine - cereal & yogurt w/berries for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch w/tom & cucs on the side except during Passover and its been salad w/turkey, snacks are fruit or popcorn (love my organic apples) and dinner is protein and 2-4 veggies.  I switch up the protein and veggies thruout the day but it's pretty routine for me.  Since I don't cook, I try to keep it simple and doable.  

I've got my groove back and I feel great!  What a feeling.....

It's Easter - Happy Easter to those that celebrate.  I like these days when most everything is closed.  I don't celebrate Easter so it sort of forces me to slow down and relax for the day.  I do like those Easter Egg Hunts!!  What are you doing to make this a great day?


  1. Hey Layla, thanks! drop me your email and I'll send you the scoop. Happy Easter (if you celebrate it).


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