Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's heatin up out there........

Not sure where you live but here in the South (Atlanta) it reached close to 90 yesterday.  That's hot considering we went from about 60-70 straight to 90 degrees.  The forecast calls for some rain tomorrow and then some spring-like weather for the balance of the week.  It is beautiful although very YELLOW

The annual invade of the YELLOW stuff - yep, POLLEN.  It appeared within an hour one day and now we are covered up.  Yesterday while running, we saw what appeared to be a dust storm ahead - the stuff was blowing off the bldg roofs and man o man!  I am SO fortunate to not be too bothered by this and I feel for those with allergies.  I have my calendar marked for March 2011 - start with bee propolis every day!!!

Even with the heat and yucky yellow stuff, yesterday was a healthy day for me!  My eating was right on, I journaled everything and I ran/walked my 1.5 miles in 18 minutes.  I'm starting over and that was my goal so I'm pleased.  I started back my workouts with Dan last night (took a week off).  OMG, I don't think I've sweat that much ever.  It was a great workout - I loved it.  Stairs first - didn't beat my 3.03 time but I did OK.  Quickly followed by jump squats, then inside for pull ups, dead lifts, cleans, bent over rows, military presses and snatches!  Wow! And of course followed by my all time favorite.............the STRETCH! 

A friend just joined Body Solutions and I bumped into her last night too.  That was fun.  I'm not sure I'm a large group exercise person but I love to run or workout with a couple people so call me a small groupie. 

Today is my day off from exercising.  I'm looking forward to the one shower day.  Having 50th birthday lunch with my sister-in-law and dinner with friends.  Another great day ahead........

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