Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Down for the count..........again!

I've never had an allergy problem in my life but this season is kicking my ass!  This is the 2nd time this season I'm out of it.  It's unreal and awful.  Ugh, I now understand what all the allergy complaining is about.  Stuffed up, congested, achy and all out feel like shit. 

Enough said.....My friend text'd me last night a remedy to try so I'm on it.  Breaking out those essential oils - inhale peppermint & lavender 1x hour - drink thieves (clove, rosemary, cinnamon), lemon & honey in hot water - rub thieves on feet day & night - neti pot (don't own one, never done that).  Gotta run cause got some allergy fighting to do. 

Before I sign off, rather than repeat, I wanted to share a post I read today from Weighty Matters - Susan G. Komen for the Cure doesn't understand breast cancer.  Check out Yoni.  Would love to hear some thoughts on this?!


  1. Feel better & that post has me a bit more than PO'd. WTF is you know what I mean.... I know they need money to fight cancer but... UGH!

  2. Right on Jody. Where are core values in all this? WTF!!!!


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