Friday, April 23, 2010

A walk in the park....

Central Park that is....!!!  I woke up to a beautiful day yesterday.  Had a quick coffee and headed out the door.  I first got a glimpse of Colin Powell in my hotel lobby.  I posted this on FB and got a few interesting responses. 
As I hit the street, the clear, fresh air was glorious.  I was still not feeling so hot and thought some exercise would make me feel better.  Got that from my mom!  She always says "get going and you'll feel better."  I hadn't done cardio since Sunday.  I decided to take it easy with a fast stroll through Central Park.  Forgot my music so it was me and all around me!  IT WAS WONDERFUL.  OMG, the school kids in groups, nannies pushing the strollers, biz people bustling to work, tourists galore, dog walkers, cyclists, runners and people like me just enjoying the morning. 

I stopped periodically to take a few shots and other sights I simply stood in obervation.  I discovered new areas of Central Park that I'd never seen before.  It is such a great park! 

It wasn't life in the fast lane for me so I thought this banner held a nice contrast and set the pace for my day. 

Can you see the seal?  He was stretching for us.  How cute.  I've never been to the Central Park Zoo.  May have to do that one day. 

Simply the color against the black/white of the city is neat to me. 
Enjoy a little of Central Park. 

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  1. You saw Colin Powell??? Very cool. And I am very jealous that you get to walk and enjoy Central Park. You're one lucky lady.


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