Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm the youngest of four kids and my oldest Bro, an atty, really got to me this time.  So do I listen to my brain or my heart?!

Quick back story.  Bro, his wife, 2 daughters and my mom (88 yrs old) are going to Israel again this summer.  Bro wants me to go.  Mom wants a roommate - she wants me to go too. :-)
Do I listen to my brain that is shouting - this trip is pretty much the same itinerary that I've done on my previous two trips to Israel.  Not too much new although Bro promises we'll cut out, hire a guide and do side trips to new places.  Will he follow through?  Not his strength unless he wants it. 


Do I listen to my heart that's pounding (and my bro and my niece)?  Do I want to pass up on a trip with our mom in Israel?  This may be hers (and ours as you never know) last trip!  We should all go while we can.  This could be guilt too.  I've not totally ruled that out but it still doesn't solve it for me.

What do I do?!


  1. Heart! If there is a chance of regretting your decision, it will probably be more likely because you didn't go, not because you did.


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