Sunday, April 18, 2010


Nope I'm not talking @ installing planks in my home, nor walking the plank.  I'm talking the exercise..........PLANKsDan had me doing those again yesterday.  OMG, my ribs are sore today.  This photo isn't me cause - #1 I wouldn't be wearing no crazy short shorts! and #2 you'd see tears dripping down my cheeks (not the butt ones)!!!

So what's it all @ - the PLANK hoopla? Why am I friggin doing these?  Didn't take much research to learn why/how these killer planks are good in the end.  They strengthen my ab muscles and work my core muscles -- back, hips, etc.  OK, this I need cause it helps me keep my balance (prevent falling! - love that), helps me in my running and all kinds of other stuff. 

So I guess....there's gain to this pain.  Get over it and keep movin!!!!


  1. Man, Sara. You are cracking me up this morning.

    No crazy short shorts! Prevent falling! - love that.

    I remember I used to do planks and they were so difficult. Perhaps I will take a stab at it today and see if I have any mojo left in me. I can safely guess the answer is NO!

  2. Hi Drew - glad you got some good laughs in. Yeah, short shorts - no f***ing way........Did you try some planks? I'm still sore.

  3. Sara I have to admit I have learned to love planks. They put my workout in overtime. Now do they kill me "YES" however I feel like I'm that much closer to hitting the ground and not getting back up once I'm done! Keep up the good work!!!!!! Oh yeah you will be in those shorts when the temp his 90...

  4. I love planks in all forms! Hard but they work!

  5. I have to admit I'm a plank lover too. they're hard but not as annoying as other ab workouts!!


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