Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spectacular Saturday!!!!!!

This is going to be a GREAT DAY! It is so far and I've only been up for one hour. I got up this morning with no alarm - how wonderful to just wake up when your body says it's time to get up.  I weigh every morning @ home and today I love what I saw.  I've been working hard to get rid of the "creep" and its gone and moving forward!!!! 

I opened all the windows - sunny and slightly cool outside.  Fired up some candles (can't wait until I get my essential oil diffusers) and frothed the milk for my coffee!!!  All simple things yet I rarely do them. 

Next stop computer.  My "thank you's" for donations to St. Baldrick's have been hanging over my head.  Today was the day to get them out and when I looked at how much money the Body Solutions team raised ($4500+) and the generosity of my friends & family, I didn't know what to say.   I'm not often speechless but this a.m. I was.  So I said exactly that......words this time can't express my gratitude.  I actually got a little emotional while typing.  What a great thing to cry over!!!!

It's time for breakfast and the rest of the day.  I'm going to hit my weekly running goal today - 10 miles here I come!  There is no stopping me today!   I hope everyone who reads this post has an equally as wonderful day and make that weekend!!!!

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