Friday, May 7, 2010

Before and.............AFTER

Jomal - lost 22 lbs in 3 months!  Congratulations this is spectacular!  Check out these Before and AFTERs

How awesome does he look?!  Jomal is a fellow Body Solutions person.  He is a wonderful, inspriring guy - happy, smiling and always greets me with a big hug.  He's quite famous too.  He is one of the winners of the Body Solutions "I'm in Love with a Loser" contest and his story is being followed by Fox News.  Jomal's wife submitted his name and I think he had mixed emotions in the beginning but now I'm thinkin....he's lovin it!  The whole family must be lovin it!!!

I remember meeting Jomal his first week.  Dan asked me if I had any "words of wisdom" and I can remember saying - "cheese is not a diet food."  Jomal was like "oh no"!!!!

We've all come a long way.  Jomal and I talked the other day that going crazy on eating no longer was the same.  We know when to WALK AWAY.  You know my life and lifestyle have changed; I think Jomal's has too.  Way to go dude.  So proud of you! 

When you lose weight, Jomal and I both experienced that people say "you've lost so much in YOUR FACE."  When and WHY didn't anyone tell us our faces were so fat. I'm starting a group/club, maybe even a FB page :-)  FORMER FAT FACES..........This is the club to join!!!! 

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