Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I think I can....I know I can.....I love it!

So many times in my life, things start out this way.  I get energized around something, often as a result of other's energy and/or passion.  I'm intrigued so I want to learn more.  This happens to me @ work - learning my clients' businesses, their preferences, etc.  One great thing I love @ my company is I get to learn @ businesses, industries and/or products that I knew nothing about (nor even thought about before).

More recently and personally the little engine that could can be applied to running.  It actually started with walking.  Last year, I had a goal to do a 10 mile breast cancer walk.  I DID IT with the support of my niece and nephew.  I felt such a sense of accomplishment and at the same time, we raised money for breast cancer research/work in the Atlanta area. 

My next "I can" was I wanted to run one mile w/o stopping.  I DID IT on Thanksgiving Day 2009.  I remember it clearly.  Beautiful cool, clear morning and I went down to the track at Piedmont Park and just DID IT.  I was so excited.  This led me to my goal of running a 5K w/o stopping.  I completed my first 5K and it was a combo of run/walk.  I'm still working on the non-stop 5K and I'll get there.  I know I can.......

Possibly more importantly to me is that I think I LOVE IT, running that is.  I'm blogging as I have my morning Starbucks java (big fan!) thinking about my run ahead in a couple of hours and I'm really looking forward to it.  OMG, what is happening to me.  Did I just write that I love running?!  This is some crazy stuff.  Note to self:  bookmark this date!!!

I'm in a great place.  It took me some time to get here and I'm good with that.  I am competitive so for a while, I compared my progress to others (friends, those running magazine articles) and I listened to others for tips and advice.  Eventually I put everything and everyone out of my head (subconciously using Dan's one tip - relax!) and just went for it.  I KNEW I COULD.

At this moment, this applies to running but this is a mantra I need to apply to more things in my life.  Those things that I like and those things I don't want to do or face.  Hmmm, that will be a challenge. 

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  1. Accomplishment feels so good!

    It's funny you post a picture of that book because, the last time I was in the hospital, someone brought me a copy of that book. Each place it said "Enging" was marked out with "Drew" written over it. It's a good reminder of mind over body!


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