Monday, May 17, 2010

The health halo..

Have you ever been lulled by the "health halo"?  You know, it's organic so it's "good for me".  Right so that makes organic pop tarts, animal crackers, gummy bears, etc good for me?

I guess it depends on what I was eating before, how often I eat these "good for me" products, how much of these "good for me" products I eat and/or when I eat these "good for me" products. 

Last week, the answer for me was all the time (except the pop tarts).  I was eating the organic cookies and candy every day, way too much at each sitting and mostly at night.  Combine all these and what I got was a big ole 4+ lbs weight gain, felt sluggish, tired but in a great mood.  I let myself fall victim to the HEALTH HALO concept.  Just because something is made with whole and/or natural ingredients doesn't mean I should eat it! 

This week I'm back on my game.  I went to Whole Foods yesterday, passed right by the animal crackers and candy aisles and I restarted my journaling.  Journaling for me is a must.  Been doing it now for 15 months.  It works for me.  The HALO is gone and I'm back in my zone.  Ready!

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