Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weil, Gupta and Kessler - Atlanta 2010

Tuesday night, my co-worker and I attended the Public Forum.  These guys were the panel for discussion and took questions from the attendees.  Pretty big crowd in the Omni Hotel ballroom.  Very interesting.  Go good health! 

Some sound bites from this night...........{no particular order}
  • The bill - it's really about health insurance reform vs. healthcare reform
  • Gupta - "disease management vs. health promotion"
  • Prevention vs. intervention
  • Intervention - lifestyle, low tech, low cost vs. pharmaceuticals
  • Kessler - it's all about "fat, sugar, salt - 24/7, socially acceptable, 'food carnival', food is entertaining"
  • Healthy food choices does not mean giving up
  • Make good choices - eliminate or limit refined, processed and manufactured foods (is that really food?)
  • The obesity problem in the US is close to national security risk.  Higher and higher % are being turned away from joining the military. 

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