Saturday, May 1, 2010

Love, Loss and What I Wore

Last night we saw the Ephron sisters' (based on Ilene Beckerman's book) off Bway show.  It was really great.  Small theater (wish we had those in Atlanta) where every seat was good.  We were on the third row and my mom was able to hear it all.  The two known stars in the show (at least known to us) were Brooke Shields and Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond).  They both look fabo!

The show in essence is @ what you or those you love (mom, grandmother) were wearing, attempting to wear, hoping to wear at dfferent events in life.  Wedding, mastectomy surgery, shopping @ sizes 4/10/16, in the fitting room and nothing fits, the little (or not so) black dress, everything black, boots, high heels and flat shoes, granddaughter playing dress up in your clothes, bra shopping, the handbag (this was hysterical) and more.  At the end of the show, Doris Roberts shows you how to draw a simple outfit and inside the playbill is a blank page where you can "Draw A Picture of Yourself" in your favorite clothing item. 

The show was great - funny, sad and very enjoyable.  It got me thinking.  So I'm up early having my coffee (mom's still sleeping) and thinking about events in my life and what I was wearing.  My favorite outfits aka "my uniform" and the occassions.  The "uniform" for the largest part of my life was black pants, white tshirt and very oversized black top or sweater.  The bigger the better on the top - to hide the ridiculously fat ass!  Things changed last year and if you read my blog you know all about that. 

I remember my lucky top when I started college - always wore it on test day.  I remember the black suit I wore to my dad's funeral.  For some strange reason when packing for that trip, at the last minute, I threw in my suitcase a black suit.  Not exactly clothing needed when going to a summer wedding in Florida.  You guessed it, my dad died unexpectedly and I wore that black suit.  I remember arguing with my mom and crying because nothing fit.  That happened in the store (my parents owned a clothing store growing up) and at home.  There were alot of crying fits.  I remember the lime green bridesmaid dress I wore one time only for sure.  Although I can't remember what I wore yesterday, I'm having fun recalling the events, what I was doing and what I was wearing.  My mom always taught us, the clothes don't wear you, you wear the clothes.  But the clothes and all that goes with them do make the great stories! 

What do YOU remember?!  What are YOUR great stories?!


  1. Wow, this is an awesome post! I'm seriously going to have to think about this and write up my own blog post about it!

  2. Thanks Layla. This was a fun post to write. Memories!


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