Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little by Little Fills the Cup...

Today's post comes via Jody @ Truth2BeingFit.  Check her out and the full post behind this towel.............

Haba na haba hujaza kibaba is a Kiswahili proverb which means little by little fills the cup.

Baby steps, inch by inch, little by little or however we want to say it - it all adds up.  So many times I was frustrated but I kept with it and man am I glad I did - 9 months and counting for keeping off the 50 lbs!!!

(You can purchase the towel too).


  1. That's a good motto in all aspects of life. Keep chippin' away!

  2. Thx for the shout out Sara! Congrats on all you have done as well. Yup, little by little fills the cup along with some patience, perseverance & mental muscle! :-)

  3. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described


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