Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I missed them........

Lately, I've missed a number of things:
  • Blogging for one - this is my first post in several days.  I've been crazy busy and that's a good thing so I'll save that for later.
  • Richard Gere AND the Dalai Lama - both were staying at my hotel this past weekend and I missed seeing them both!  That would have been a cool sighting. 
  • Pay phones - not sure if I've really missed them or not.  Memories of standing out in the rain or driving around looking for one.  I didn't know they were still around until running in NY last weekend and I saw a guy talking on one.  Stopped me dead in my tracks! 
  • Fruit - man o man, never thought I'd say this (former fast food, junk food eater).  Came home late Sunday night to little to no food in the house and no time to get to Whole Foods this week.  I miss my apples and bananas!!
  • Running - I missed the office run both Monday and Tuesday due to meetings.  I'm so happy and proud of the team who went w/o me.  Go Team!
  • Dan workouts - never thought I'd say this either.  Missed sessions due to travel.  Ready to get back to it.  I miss Body Solutions
  • Reading a good, fast, mindless book - The last one I read was Mary Higgins Clark's newest.  Got any recommendations?  Sitting on a plane again this weekend (and hopefully the beach) and really need a good read. 
  • My mornings - time to myself to lollygag around! 
And to work.............

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  1. Great post! I kept thinking of all the things I've been missing too. Busy, busy life. Good to see you back!


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