Monday, May 3, 2010

One person can change the world!

Today was the 7th annual Day of Beauty!  ( Words can't describe this spectacular day.  Photos can't really either, at least not MY photos.  They didn't turn out so hot but there were photographers there along with the local news so I'm hoping it'll be on TV. 

Again this year, I got to "man" the massage room.  So much fun.  We had @ 12 massage therapist volunteers and they stayed busy.  The local news reporter interviewed one guy, James I think, while he was getting his massage.  It's hysterical.  The reporter was laughing so hard she could hardly ask questions.  I hope that one makes airtime. 

There were so many kids & young adults with their teachers & aids.  Special Olympics girls swim team, public schools, transition centers, supervised adult living facilities and probably some I missed.  They got their hair colored (one guy got red & blue, another gold), haircuts, makeup, manicures, waxing and of course massage. 

Ruby the clown entertained along with Jessica (love her from Lululemon) and another Hawks dancer.  Lest I not forget the DJ too. The place was rockin!  The food was unreal - Twisted Taco had taco bar, burgers, hot dogs, ribs, cakes, mini cupcakes, cookies, bagels, chips, candy and fruit!  Something for everyone!!!!!

All donated and volunteers!!!!  Some of my blogging friends came and I got to meet them F2F.  That was so cool (and thanks)! does this all come together?!!!  There's only one girl I know that can make all this happen and that's the founder and organizer.........Gloria O.  This is her labor of love and the Day of Beauty brings so much joy and happiness that you must be there to truly experience it.  It does not fit into words.  It was a SPECTACULAR day and I can't wait for next year!! 

Great job Gloria!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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