Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunscreen - new favs

I got the opportunity this weekend to really put my two new sunscreens to the test.  I've been using them at home for everyday use but haven't "sat in the sun" until now.  Yesterday I sat on the beach for a couple of hours and today at the pool for an hour or so.  Did I mention this weekend was the first time I've put on a bathing suit since 2008.  That was pretty show stopping in and of itself.  Back to sunscreen. 

I'm pleased to share and recommend my two new favs!  I found them both through research on Environmental Working Group's cosmetic dbase. Both are rated high or rather rated low in toxins.  I'm not being paid or sponsored by either of these and this is really my opinion only.

MyChelle - on my face!  It's not oily/greasy at all.  I got some sun on my face but no burning.  It didn't leave a white residue (zinc oxide) either.  It says "non eye irritating".  I didn't do much to irritate my eyes so I'll leave that for another day.  No smell to this one - love that. 

Badger - on my body!  This one too seemed to work or at least kept me from getting fried.  I can tell because there are places that I apparently missed and they are fried.  This one DOES leave a white sort of film, leave behind but pleased to say it soaked in or faded fairly quickly.  The tube states that it "contains a high quality pharma grade zinc oxide..."  This one smells like typical health food store type product.  It too faded pretty quickly or it would have been off my list. 

I've started to pay closer attention to what I'm putting ON my body as I continue to be improve what I put IN my body.  Both of these sunscreens stood up to FL summer day on the beach and at the pool.  That's a pretty good first read for me. 

If anyone has tried some great sunscreen products, please share.

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  1. Too funny.. I just did a sunscreen post yesterday!


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