Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great day ahead..

My day starts off @ StoryCorps.  Ever heard of it?  I never had until last week.  Very exciting morning ahead.  StoryCorps is a non-profit that helps Americans record their stories.  I'm going with Gloria O., founder of Day of Beauty.  Her story is being recorded and I'm interviewing her!!!   The interview will last 40 minutes.  A little nervous so I prepared questions in advance; I think we'll be OK.  The Points of Light Foundation recommended that Gloria do this and hopefully her story will make it into Points of Light's annual conference this summer.  It's all about volunteering and service.  How cool is this.

Then there's work and the typical day stuff but the day ends with hearing Dr. Andrew Weil tonight.  He's the Harvard Med grad and the guru of integrative health.  This week is the Nutrition & Public Health conference and tonight is a public forum open to all.  My co-worker and I are going to check him out. 

So not bad for a Tuesday!!!!!  The only not so good thing @ today is I had to cancel Dan tonight.  Yep traded Dr. Weil for Dan.  Oooooh..

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