Sunday, May 30, 2010

He's engaged!!!!!!!!!

There's quite a bit to blog about this holiday Sunday morning but nothing compares to the news of yesterday, my nephew is ENGAGED!  This is big in every sense - he's the first born and oldest son of my sister, my mom's oldest grandchild, the first grandchild to get married, the first of the cousins to get married.....a wonderful, caring, loving, ambitious guy! 

"The girl", his girlfriend, now fianc√©, from college that carried over into post-graduation is adorable.  She is bubbly, fun, caring, loving, also ambitious and a runner! got the catch of a lifetime....if I do say so.

He totally faked her out on the "ask."  Took her ring shopping for over 2 hours yet he already had the ring.  Looked at rings in person and online and then it went something like, "I have one I like better."  How @ that for a kid!!!!!!

So here's the beautiful ring!!! He did an awesome job by himself and of course with the help of his mom and text messaging!!! 

I know and pray they have a long, happy, sweet life together!

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