Saturday, May 8, 2010

A weekend @ home....

Although I had a restless night's sleep, I'm up w/o an alarm and excited to be home for the weekend.  I had terrible nightmare's last night.  It happens to me every so often.  Mostly I guess when I go to bed with something(s) particular weighing on my mind. 

Late yesterday, I did a Health History with a really terrific girl.  She has so much going for her and of course her fair share of "junk" happening in her life.  She's in her 20's and has got a solid outlook.  I really enjoyed our talk but was bothered by it at the same time.  She's got some health concerns and her traditional MD gave her medication.  Adderall!  WTF!!!!  This has nothing to do with how she's suffering.  Man did this raise the hairs on me and really pissed me off.  OK, in these sessions, I'm supposed to be calm, neutral and help people find answers not necessarily give them the answers.  Well, I couldn't help myself.....I gave it to her straight up and asked her to reconsider her MD's advice.  She said it made sense so I hope she gets rid of those suckers.  Oh BTW, the doc gave her Xanax too!!  Come on, these have NOTHING to do with her health complaints. 

Even if you don't know me, perhaps the passion in my writing leads us to why I had nightmares and a shitty night's sleep.  WTF is this doc thinking?!  My conversation yesterday, nightmare's last night and how I feel today all confirm that I'm pursuing the right passions for me. 

And with that out of the way, I look out the window and here comes the sun!  The weekend forecast is spectacular!  I have a pretty busy day today with the usual stuff - workout w/Dan, haircut, mani/pedi...typical stuff.  A hard workout followed by some pampering.  Aaaaaaaaaawwwww!!!!  There may even be a NAP in my weekend future.  I sure hope so.

I left Sunday fairly open.  My mom lives in FL so I won't be with her; she'll be with my older bro having fun I'm sure.  Happy Mother's Day to all!  I have a long run (3 miles) on my Sunday schedule.  Haven't done that in weeks and I'm really looking forward to it.  Did I say that?!  Now that's some scary shit....!!

Off for a short run (1 mile) now and ready to get this day going.  I'm so happy to be home!!!

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  1. Three miles, Oh Yeah! You got this. Sorry, I can't be there to take on this challenge with you, I will be with my family tomorrow. Remember, slow down if you start to feel like you want to stop and control your breathing. Listen to your mind, you know the tricks your body can play so be aware. Mind over matter.


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